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The YMCA Preschool At St. Stephen's.  Come grow with usYMCA Infant & Prescchool Aat St. Stephen's


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Kids at Play at our Preschool

Children love to learn and play at our YMCA preschool

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for fun and learning

Children socializing with eachother and the tteachers is part of growing





Children Learn and Grow while they Play at our Preschool

We Believe
  • in treating each child as an individual with respect and understanding
  • in providing each child with a safe, nurturing environment in which to grow
  • the FAMILY is an important component in a child's learning and growth
  • children need opportunities to create, play, express themselves, make friends, learn and have fun!
Program HIghlights
  • Safe Environment with qualifiied, caring teachers
  • Age appropriate, hands-on activities
  • Kindergarden Readiness
  • Science Exploration
  • Multi-Cultural Exposure
  • Dramatic Play
  • Character Development
  • Family Events

     Our location serves two to five year-olds, including children in diapers. Come grow with us.

Hours of Operation

     Our school opens Monday through Friday as early as 6:30am and the fun continues until our closing time of 6:30pm, Our curriculum runs from September to June, with our summer mini camp program beginning the last week of June.

What Makes Us Special: Our Curriculum

     Aligned with the State of California Preschool Standards, our High/Scope curriculum fo­cuses on the developmental stages of growth for the whole child and key developmental indicators Cseriation, space classification, time, visual arts, dramatic art, music, movement, language & literacy and social relations). Qui nurturing staff act as facilitators and encourage children to make choices, carry out their ideas, and reflect on their activities with adults and peers, Our active role in the classroom allows us to focus on activities which will enhance your child's ability to problem solve, create and interact in different social situations

Who Makes Us Special: Our Teachers & YOU

     The YMCA is committed to choosing highly dedicated staff to meet the developmental and emotional needs of all children in our program. YMCA's policy exceeds state licensing in regards to CPR and First Aid, ratios and having two staff on duty at all times.

     Highly trained and supportive staff is our priority, which is why we invest in and provide our staff with the best of professional training, enabling them to support your child's development. Staff members and parents regularly discuss children's needs through conversations, conferences, parent advisory councils (PACs), and meetings to assess the needs of families, The YMCA uses newsletters, calendars and bulletin boards to communicate with parents.

     Also, the YMCA works with the PAC by a system of PAC-sponsored activities. open houses, and back-to-school nights.

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